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Company Profile

Scan-Sweet International A/S is a trades company in the foods business, based in Denmark, Northern Europe. The company is physically situated in Copenhagen, which is the capital of Denmark.
smallman.gif (1538 bytes) The Scan-Sweet logo shows two Danish national symbols. The traditional red uniform is worn by the lifeguards of Her Majesty the Queen on special occasions in the Royal family. The Danish flag - the "Dannebrog" - is much loved and used by the Danes on special occasions in daily life, e.g. on birthdays and in connection with national football matches.
Scan-Sweet International A/S was established in 1994 by Managing Director Mr. Finn Pedersen, who is also the owner of the mother company Ped-Kim Holding, established in 1984.

Mr. Pedersen and wife Tove Pedersen hold a prominent record of activities in the confectionery and frozen foods business. Mr. Pedersen is a confectioner himself, educated in the old European confectionery tradition at the Hotel D'Angleterre in Copenhagen. During the following years Mr. Pedersen took up leading positions at the London Savoy Hotel / Claridiges Hotel, and at the Istanbul Hilton Hotels.

In 1978  back in Denmark,  the Pedersens established the company  Scan-Delicious Frozen Foods A/S, producing handmade quality desserts and fast-food. After 11 years of successful growth, reaching a workforce of 35 people, the Pedersens finally sold the company in 1989.

In 1990 Ped-Kim Holding A/S bought the company West-Drops A/S, which produced hand-made quality Sweet Drops. West-Drops A/S was successfully sold in 1997.

The Scan-Sweet International A/S company of today is a result of the Pedersens' wish to stay in the confectionery and  food business, moving away from manufacturing and into trades, but still hold a hand on high quality products.

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