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Personalized Chocolates

French complimentary Personalized Chocolates
2,5 gr. Rectangular and 4 gr`s Square and 4 gr. Flowpack

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Send us your logo and receive free samples of your own private label chocolates - send a picture file by e-mail, or send your businesscard. Click on contact.  PS: No sale to private

To the right and below, you find some samples of private label 2,5 gr. and 4 gr. chocolates.
The printing in Pantone colour is our guarantee to you, for exact reproduction of your logo.
We take orders as small as  5.000 pcs. for 4 gr`s, and
10.000 pcs. for 2,5 gr`s

Shelf life: Milk 12 month, Dark Bitter 24 mdr.

4 gr Square

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4 gr. Flowpack

2,5 gr Rectangular

French complimentary chocolate at its best. Dark bitter chocolate containing 70% cocoa and milk chocolate with a soft, soothing taste.
The chocolate are packed with 200 pc. in each display
, or in bulk with 1.000 pieces.

The products are well-suited as a complimentary chocolate together with a cup of coffee or as a "pillow chocolate" for hotel guests. Packings are available in both the original design and also under private label with your company logo or e.g. with "With Compliments", "Merry Christmas" or "Welcome".

Giftbox. Collection Paris. 18 pieces.
9 motives

Giftbox. Collection Heart. 18 pieces.
9 motives

Delivery time for original labelled products are approx. 14 days. For products packed in private label the delivery time is 3 to 4 weeks after the layout has been agreed.

Kronprinsparrets monogram
H.R.H Crownprince Frederik
& H.R.H. Crownprinsess Mary

Regentparrets monogram
H.R.H Queen Margrethe
& H.R.H. Prince Henrik

18 pc. giftbox
Private label assortiment
Atlanterhavsparken Ålesund Norg

18 pc. giftbox.
Private label assortiment.
Den Gamle By

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Relief chocolate with your logo and companyname moulded
8 gr. a piece single packed in foil.
Min. 20.000 pieces. Packing 16 pc. giftbox or bulk 200 pc.
Above Poul Henningsen ( PH ) and H.C.Andersen

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